So, what is coaching?


Coaching assists you in moving from where you are now, to where you want to be. It also makes that progression quicker and more effective than if you worked alone.

Coaching is more about learning than teaching.

As your coach I believe that you already have the potential to find solutions to any challenges you face.

My role is to assist you find your own way.

Coaching is about focussing your awareness and helping you realise you already have the skills you need to achieve your outcomes.

This approach generates responsibility for change and ownership over the means to change.

Coaching is about unlocking your ability to maximise your own performance.

So, why do you need a coach?


  • Coaching can help you turn your ideas and dreams into reality, so you are taking regular positive action in the right direction for you.
  • Working with a qualified coach will allow you to accelerate your personal or business development.
  • A coach will help you reach your full potential by empowering you to progress towards the next stage  of your life or business.
  • A qualified coach will help you move forward faster and more effectively and above all coaching is about results.
  • It is about you achieving results you want, in a way that can be seen, experienced, measured and quantified.
  • The most common feedback our clients give is how fast and simple their change and the coaching process is.

Compared with other interventions…


  • A counsellor might work with those who are experiencing significant levels of distress which is impacting on their daily life.
  • Coaches work with their clients around the client’s desire to move forward in their life. They guide the client to uncover their own answers using their own internal resources.
  • A therapist might work with those that are seen as damaged or dysfunctional in some way as a result of a previous trauma or experience.
  • A mentor might work with those seeking direction and advice from someone with experience
  • Coaching is about focus, intent, commitment and enthusiasm from both sides (the client and the coach).
  • A consultant might work with an individual looking to diagnose the problems they are facing.
  • Above all, coaching is about results. It is about results that can be seen, experienced, measured and quantified.

What do elite athletes, CEO’s, celebrities, and other ultra-high achievers have in common?

They all have life coaches.